Why training matters

We view software as business and management tools, not an end in itself.

Effective use of software can make a big difference to your organisation; higher productivity, better profitability, lower costs, happier staff.

Being a small company means we are responsive to the individual needs of our clients, we provide flexibility, professionalism and real life business experience as an integral part of our standard services. In Shetland we specialise in blended training, at your own workplace. But public and small group courses are also available off-site at our Lerwick office.

We believe that businesses need to be able to make efficient and competent use of the software, in as short a time as possible. Professional computer training gives you this.

Sage custom invoice trainingFor example we offer a service to create Sage custom reports and layouts. However, some of the changes you may want could be done yourself, with a little training.


It's no joke that lack of training means some tasks take longer using a computer than they did before. Quality IT training from Business Support Solutions allows staff to learn valuable new skills quickly and effectively, rather than through months or years of frustrating trial and error.

We aim to deliver top quality training, both in presentation, delivery, knowledge of the subject and training materials at least as good as anything else available in the UK.

Training costs

Software + no training
= expensive software

Software + training

= a powerful business asset