6 micro perforated cards per A4 sheet

Perforated paper 6 tickets per page Per. paper 6 tickets of 70x148mmMicro perforated 6 up cards, edge to edge tickets, ideal for price cards, lanyard inserts and display tickets. Choice of 2 sizes.

6 perforated tickets per sheet options

29036, A4 140gsm smooth white laser paper. These inserts measure 105mm x 99mm, 2 across and 3 down in portrait view. Packed in re-closable 250 sheets boxes. Who buys these from us? A lot of hotels and event venues, resturants and caterers. Our customers involved in manufacturing use them for product information cards, quite a few festivals use them for invites and ticketing. And a surprising number of [very posh] schools use them as a multi-purpose card.

29007, A4 120gsm smooth white laser paper. Tickets 70mm x 148mm, 3 x 2 down viewed portrait. These medium sized shelf labels are also packed in sturdy 250 sheet re-closable boxes. This micro-perf label is used by large retail chains as product description cards, with the cards being used in landscape view. They are also occasionally used as an A5 section since the perforation runs through the middle of the A4 sheet.

Bss503 micro-perforation creates a clean finish, which makes card separation quick, easy and accurate for store staff. The clean finish on the perforations makes for superior print handling. These blank non-sticky tickets, cards and labels, are suitable for use in laser and inkjet printing, in black adn white adn colour. Their smooth finish and lay flat handling makes them suitable for double sided print too.

Micro-Perforated blank white sheets 6 per page
6 labels per page, micro-perforated, 140g light card. 105x99mm
Per Box
29036. 250 sheets. 6 cards per sheet. 1500 blank tickets per box. 36.00 36.00 Add to basket
29036. 5 packs 1250 sheets. 6 cards per sheet. 7500 total.  34.00 170.00 Add to basket
29036. 10 packs / 2500 sheets. 6 cards per sheet. 15,000 total.  32.00 320.00 Add to basket
Micro-Perforated blank white tickets 6 per page
6 tickets per page, micro-perforated, 120g A4. 70mm x 148mm
Per Box
29007. 250 sheets. 6 tickets per sheet. 1500 blank tickets per box. 70x148mm 32.00 32.00 Add to basket
29007. 1250 sheets / 7500 blank tickets in 5 boxes. 30.00 150.00 Add to basket
29007. 2500 sheets / 15,000 blank tickets in 10 boxes. 28.00 280.00 Add to basket

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Ideal for catering and hospitality. Popular in events management for name badge cards and delegate ID inserts. Our high quality micro-perforations gives a clean and easy separation of sections, but remains strong during print and handling operations.

We settled on 120g and 140g paper for the perfect balance of stability, cost and maximum compatability as it's not too thick, not too thin; just right! Some printers may handle weights above 160g, but not all. In the past many label and card suppliers used weights which were over-specified and  cost more than theyshould have for the end use. Heavier card also led to problems in  some older printers. We do run custom sheets up to 240g, but only after a discussion about printer compatability. Feel free to speak to us if you have any questions.

We welcome official purchase orders, and full credit facilities are available on request.